Do you have a question about our #Chevin500 Challenge?

If so, chances are you can find the answer below as part of our FAQs …but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us directly.

Can I walk, instead of run?
Absolutely! This is not a competition, instead a team effort to raise funds for a very worth cause.

How about cycle?
The #Chevin500 Challenge can only be joined on foot… sorry!

Can I donate without running?
We know that running is not everybody’s cup of tea, so there is no restriction as to who can and cannot donate. This is a team effort, and all contributions are welcome.

How far do I have to run?
However far you wish – there are no strict guidelines for this.

What social media platform should I use?
We will be launching the #Chevin500 Challenge on LinkedIn and Twitter.

How do I tag Chevin?
First things first, you will need to connect with us on the platform. Then simply use the following handles as part of your post:

LinkedIn: @ChevinFleetSolutions
Twitter: @ChevinTweet

Is there more than one hashtag?
Our main hashtag is #Chevin500, so please make sure you include this …but there’s no reason you can’t add more!

Can I share details of the challenge with my family, friends, and colleagues?
Yes, please do! The more the merrier!

How much should I donate?
Please decide this at your own discretion …every little helps! 

When does the challenge start?
Monday 22nd June at 9am BST

When does the challenge end?
Monday 10th August at 9am BST

Do I have to live in one of the five countries to take part?
No – the five countries simply represent our global offices. There are no restrictions.