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How can fleet management software help your business?

Fleet management software, especially cutting-edge solutions like FleetWave, is transformative for businesses in several unique ways. Firstly, such software aids in the meticulous tracking of vehicle locations, ensuring optimal route planning and timely deliveries.

With FleetWave, businesses can gain granular insights into the performance metrics of each vehicle, from fuel consumption to maintenance schedules. This data-driven approach not only reduces operational costs but also boosts vehicle longevity and reduces unexpected downtimes.

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FleetWave Key Features

Use FleetWave to:

See all of your fleet data in one place. Use bespoke dashboards and reports to access key information quickly, even from 3rd party apps – and easily share across the business.

Gain visibility of fuel costs, including external fuel cards and individual transactions. Prevent downtime by tracking maintenance and repair services and set reminders for purchase orders and invoices.

Set reminders for driver training requirements, plan service schedules and maintenance and get real time alerts on accidents.

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Operating a diverse public sector fleet in the current economic climate continues to be challenging. FleetWave has been an enabler and a catalyst for change and we look forward to seeing what further changes we can develop together.

Sean Adams,

Corporate Fleet Manager, Dorset County Council

Who can benefit from fleet management software?

The right fleet management software can be the difference between chaos and cohesion. FleetWave stands as a testament to what a cutting-edge fleet management system should offer. From empowering drivers with intuitive tools to streamlining technician tasks and integrating third-party applications, FleetWave encapsulates the essence of comprehensive fleet management. Dive in as we expound on the key features that make this software an indispensable asset for modern fleet operations.

For Fleet Drivers

FleetWave offers drivers a user-friendly interface to log trips, report incidents, and request maintenance. It empowers drivers with real-time data, enhancing safety and compliance on the road.

For Fleet Technicians

Technicians benefit from a centralized system that tracks vehicle health, schedules maintenance, and manages parts inventory. This ensures timely repairs and reduces vehicle downtime.

Automated Reports

With FleetWave, generating detailed fleet reports becomes effortless. Automated reporting tools provide insights into fleet performance, costs, and trends, aiding in data-driven decision-making.

3rd Party Integrations

FleetWave seamlessly integrates with external tools and platforms, enhancing its functionality. Whether it’s fuel management systems, GPS tracking, or financial software, integration ensures a cohesive fleet management experience.

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Award-Winning Fleet Management Software

FleetWave is consistently ranked as one of the best fleet management systems in the world – and we have the awards to prove it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is FleetWave?

    It is a cloud-based fleet management solution that lets you automate the entire operational lifecycle.

    FleetWave software solutions can streamline acquisition, data analytics, accident reports, regulatory compliance and other essential factors on a platform that is accessible on any computer or mobile device. It’s designed for use by businesses of all sizes.

  • How does FleetWave work?

    The FleetWave system includes a series of tools that update your records, manage your costs, track your inventory, schedule maintenance and notify you about inspections. It also has a driver portal where drivers can input data related to fuel, mileage and accident claims.

    With this system, you can significantly reduce operational costs and make data-driven business decisions.

  • How does my organisation benefit from FleetWave?

    This fleet management software is trusted by many fleet managers and drivers for various reasons:

    • Streamlined records and management of fleet vehicles and equipment
    • Timely maintenance lead times and inventory procurement lead times
    • Enhanced driver and operator visibility through FleetWave mobile app
    • Uncomplicated accident reporting and data collection for safety improvements
    • Management of multiple facilities and work sites from a centralised software system
  • Who uses FleetWave?

    The FleetWave management system can be configured for use internationally. It supports country-specific compliance legislation requirements. It adjusts reports, repairs, maintenance, inspections and certifications based on your organisation’s location.

    The automated system is a trusted fleet and equipment management solution by fleet managers, maintenance managers and procurement and finance officers.

  • What are the features of FleetWave?

    FleetWave fleet management software is designed to reduce downtime and enhance your team’s productivity. Its key features include GPS tracking, VIN decoding, document management, fleet and equipment management, billing and costing, accident reporting, and vehicle maintenance and repair.

    Your team can access the software on any computer or mobile device for easy access to these features.

  • Is FleetWave available globally?

    Yes, FleetWave has global reach to 180 countries and we have offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, France and Belgium.

  • Which edition is best for my business?

    We have carefully developed FleetWave into three editions – Lite, Core and Advanced to suit the needs of any business regardless of its size or complexity. If you’re not sure which plan is best for you, contact our fleet consultants who will be happy to help.

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