Our “Ask the Expert” series, available to all FleetWave users ensures customers are making the most out of their systems.

Using experience of the fleet industry, and collective understanding of our broad client base we are able to share best practice advice, and also some handy hints and tips on how to get the best out of your FleetWave solution. This can include improving workflows, advice on integration and exception management reporting.

Every two weeks customers are able to book a free 30-minute, 1-1 video call with our Global Product Evangelist, Steve de Launay, who has been at Chevin for 30 years, and has expert product knowledge.

These sessions are ideal for:

– Learning to navigate and optimise our FleetWave platform
– Advice on reporting and customisation
– Troubleshooting minor errors within FleetWave

Not only did I get the answer I needed for my request, but I also received related bonus tips that will help us in the future. 11/10 I’m thrilled it’s being offered and intend to use it again.

Meaghan Morgan
NES Power

All customers receive monthly invites to book sessions on a first come, first served basis. If you are a Chevin customer that is not receiving these emails, please contact [email protected] or your customer success manager.

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