The latest version of FleetWave Forms has landed!

…and the refreshed version of our data collection app is complete with brand new capabilities and enhanced functionality.

FleetWave Forms has been the focus of our latest upgrades, and V2 is now available to download. The refreshed version of our data collection app is complete with brand new capabilities and enhanced functionality, including:

The latest UI technology to deliver a clean and modern interface
Improved security and simplified password management with single sign-on (SSO)
A configurable dashboard to tailor the app to business needs

Unlike most other fleet-specific apps on the market, Forms is a flexible tool that allows users to build and customise data collection forms, and has been designed with drag-and-drop tools for ease of use.

Using the app, Managers are able to create bespoke data collection tasks using a number of comprehensive features including:

Free text entry
Date and time selection
Geolocation stamping
Signature capture
Barcoding… and much more

The creator can set permissions on each form, specifying who has access, then it’s simply a matter of logging-in before workers can view their forms, collect information and submit data back into FleetWave.

The app pushes past standard fleet-based functionality in its unique ability to fulfill a much wider job function. Users can, for example, share and receive business-critical information such as vehicle inspections, mobile technician worksheets, driver trip records, business expenses, accident inventory and much, much more.

Ultimately, FleetWave Forms facilitates a number of business-boosting benefits, including:

Improved visibility from field workers
Direct and automatic integrations with FleetWave
Enhanced accuracy and timeliness
Creation of an auditable compliance trail
Promotion of sustainability by eliminating paper processes
Increased security of confidential information
Elimination of dual data entry

The new application also eliminates risks and inefficiencies associated with manual methods.

For more information please contact a member of the team – [email protected] / +44 (0)1773 821992.