Environmental Impact

Going green is no longer just an optional extra on an organisation’s corporate social responsibility agenda; it’s a serious business issue. When it comes to fleet management, considering your environmental impact doesn’t just help the planet, it affects the bottom line too. With stricter legislation relating to CO2 emissions being introduced each year across most of the developed world, non-compliance is a non-option. So how can fleet management software from Chevin Fleet Solutions help you reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint and save money in the process?

The answer’s simple: by utilising a fleet management system from Chevin Fleet Solutions you will be able to:

  • chart MPG and CO2 emissions against manufacturers’ specifications
  • have real-time access to driver behaviour (via integration with black-box technology), enabling you to monitor trends in driver behaviour Vs fuel consumption and intervene where necessary
  • identify the most fuel-friendly routes based on trip data collected
  • automate vehicle servicing bookings to ensure vehicles are operating at their full MPG potential
  • utilise vehicles more efficiently by having the visibility to assign vehicles appropriate to need
  • promote and prove green fleet best practice as part of a wider CSR agenda
  • reduce fuel spend