Coming Soon: FleetWave’s New Left Menu

One of the things that makes FleetWave’s user interface unique is the level of flexibility in its navigation system. Currently, this consists of 3 separate sections:

The ‘Options Menu’ – granting access to all of FleetWave’s features, as well as the system configuration settings.

The ‘Top Menu’ – home to buttons that grant quick access to your favourite tools, reports and functions of the system.

The ‘History Menu’ – creating a list of your most recent activity within FleetWave.

Moving forwards, all three menus will be rolled into one clever left screen navigation system – the Left Menu.

To allow for extra screen space, a new ‘Menu’ button at the top left-hand side of your screen will allow you to collapse the list options, leaving just the menu item’s icon visible.

The previous ‘Top Menu’ items will be categorised as ‘Favourites’, appearing at the top of the menu, as an expandable list, so you can benefit from fast access to your favourite tools, reports and other features, that can also be collapsed down when required.

Additionally, as part of the menu there will also be a new star icon that allows you to add and remove things from your ‘Favourites’ menu in just one click.

Modules previously found through the ‘Options’ menu will be displayed as top-level items, directly beneath the new ‘Favourites’ listing.

FleetWave will also automatically recognise if a top-level item also appears in ‘Favourites’ and remove it to avoid duplicate items taking up screen space.

Expanding a Tier 1 items will reveal Tier 2 items, which are your module’s main table configurations, tools and reports. There’s also a ‘Settings’ option, which will expand to show Third Tier items, including the module’s secondary and tertiary table configurations.

This 3 Tier menu structure helps categorise and sort FleetWave functions, so that more important items are less clicks away.