Browse screens will be changing soon…

Highlighting some of the improvements coming to FleetWave’s browse tables in early 2019

Continuing with our user experience improvements, we have been working away behind the scenes to make FleetWave even better. We are taking this opportunity to show you a snapshot of what’s coming up soon.

So, what’s changing?

FleetWave’s browse table views has undergone a significant overhaul, introducing some of the latest internet technologies such as the Bootstrap framework. There is no firm release version for these changes just yet, but you can expect to see it launched in early 2019.


Below is the current browse table that most FleetWave Users will recognise. Rendered directly into the page frame, the browse table shows a comprehensive range of features displayed directly in the table header. Table data is plain text, but rows are coloured based on their associated statuses.

Below is FleetWave’s brand-new browse table. It introduces the very latest UI framework, as seen on the login screen, and delivers the same style clean and modern interface to browse tables whilst retaining all of the existing functionality.

Actions and administrative functionality are now hidden away in neat dropdown menu. We have also improved the grouping, naming and associated icons of the features in the dropdown menu to make it easier to understand and navigate.

Just like the new login menu, we have also replaced browser pop-ups with embedded modals for improved cross-browser compatibility.

Moving the less frequently used functions into the dropdown menu now means space for the more commonly needed features such as search and sorting filters. These will remain in the less cluttered table header.

This new-look browse table is rendered inside a panel which enables you to minimise it. This function will become much more useful as we continue to develop the user interface.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or would like to see something new in FleetWave, please leave your feedback here.