FleetWave’s ‘Modify Stock’ tool gets a makeover

Modify Stock improvements makes it even easier to handle adjusting stock levels of parts

Continuing with our user experience improvements to FleetWave, those with the Modify Stock tool will benefit module a refresh which is available in the next FleetWave update.

So what’s changed?

Located under ‘Stock’, ‘Tools’ and then ‘Modify Stock’, it allows for the checking and adjusting of the stock levels of your parts and inventory.

The Old…

The New…

The old tool was practical in its purpose, but the updated version takes advantage of some of the latest UI widgets. These new widgets make it much easier to adjust the quantities of parts, with a visually clearer way of presenting you the actions.

To use the new tool, in the ‘Part Number’ box, enter the name of the part that you would like to search for and hit the ‘Tab’ button on your keyboard. You can then select the location of the part being adjusting using dropdown option to select the relevant depot/workshop which will also show you the current stock level.

Adjusting stock levels the easy way

The new UI widgets with the red minus of green plus boxes on either side of the ‘Total Parts’ box, allow you to adjust the stock level with a click of a button. The total number and adjustment value  automatically update corresponding fields. In this example, there were originally 7 units in stock but clicking the minus button twice has removed two of them.

You can input a reason for the adjustment in the ‘Adjustment Reference’ dropdown, and add optional comments and or reference for referal.

The final step is to click on the green ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the screen and the task is complete. This clears the screen ready for the next stock adjustment to be made.