“Manage KPIs” makes controlling your dashboard even easier

With the second wave of UI updates to FleetWave now launched, we would like to showcase some of the new tools available to use.

Manage KPI’s is a new feature that allows you to effortlessly add or remove KPIs with a click of a switch, or create new ones using a helpful report builder wizard.

To manage your KPIs, click on the new icon that now appears on the bottom right of your screen.

This will open a menu that allows you to control which KPIs are displayed.

You can also add a new KPI, by clicking on the ‘Create KPI’ button in the top right corner.

To manage which KPIs are displayed on the screen, click on the switch to turn on or off each report in the list.

You can filter the list to quickly find reports by type, active or inactive, or search by name (if you know what you want to look for).

KPIs now have an icon to represent their report type next to their name, helping you understand how they will display information.

As an example, if you click the “compliance” switch to on…

…this KPI is then listed on the fleet status. Simple!