Accurately estimating the operating cost of an entire fleet is arguably an impossible task. Yet, with ever dwindling headcounts – resulting in less administration resource – and without competent Fleet Management Software, it’s the only option available to many fleet managers. And without really knowing what you’re currently spending on keeping your fleet running, how can you ever hope to remove waste and cut the associated cost?

With a flexible fleet management system from Chevin Fleet Solutions you will gain full visibility over all of the elements that make up your unique fleet operation. And with visibility comes control. By consolidating data into one centralised, enterprise-wide fleet programme you will be able to monitor and reduce financial investment and, as a result, better manage:

  • lease costs and terms
  • manufacturers’ incentives
  • daily or monthly asset utilisation
  • business and personal mileage
  • external maintenance and fuel usage
  • CO2 emissions costs per mile
  • parking fines (through early identification and automated payment)
  • total cost of ownership