The DVSA is piloting its Earned Recognition Scheme – and we’re developing tools to help operators take part with FleetWave

dvsa earned recognition
“What is the Earned Recognition Scheme?”
The DVSA Earned Recognition scheme is designed to help operators earn the right to a reduced frequency of roadside compliance checks on their vehicles. It’s a way to help ensure your vehicles stay on the road with less downtime.

Initially, the DVSA is running a pilot scheme to allow testing and refinement of the concept. If that’s successful, the full scheme will be rolled out to all operators who want to apply.

“What’s involved in the pilot?”
Fleet operators can participate in the pilot scheme by allowing a DVSA-approved auditor to undertake an audit of their compliance records. The operator will need to provide a user profile with special permissions (containing a number of specified documents) that allows the DVSA to access the relevant information.

“Can I participate in the pilot scheme?”
The DVSA is currently inviting expressions of interest from operators who want to take part in the pilot scheme.

Currently, Chevin is developing features and appropriate login facilities, access right levels and reporting abilities to allow DVSA auditors to view specified documents directly within FleetWave, with operator approval. This module is designed to make it easier for operators who want to obtain Earned Recognition Status to prove their compliance.

To learn more about how you can get involved in the pilot, email us at [email protected].