FleetWave’s Updated Odometer Correction Tool

This improved tool makes searching and correcting readings much easier

Measuring the distance travelled by a vehicle can be useful for creating reports such as calculating fuel consumption within your fleet. This tool helps you quickly and easily find any discrepancies within your records and then make the necessary corrections.

So, what happens if a driver enters a reading incorrectly and how can you correct it?

The process is simple – just follow these steps.

Locating your Odometer Correction Tool

Your Odometer Correction Tool can be located from the main menu – click in ‘Vehicles’, ‘Tools’ and then ‘Odometer Correction’.

The page has undergone a refresh and now includes a description above each entry box to explain what the function does. ‘Search’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons have been colour coded too – this makes the selection of an action much clearer.

Searching for your vehicle

Finding a particular vehicle is easy, even if you don’t know the full vehicle registration number. In the ‘Registration Number’ box, type in any part of the registration. A pop up box will now appear with a list of possible matches – click on the vehicle that you would like to check. Both the registration and the latest odometer readings for that vehicle will now appear on the screen.

Searching for an odometer entry error

To search for an incorrectly entered odometer reading, enter the period dates that you would like to check. Alternatively, leave the ‘to’ and ‘from’ dates blank and click the blue ‘Search’ button. This will bring up all of the recorded readings for that particular vehicle.

If the information has been incorrectly entered, the system recognises that there may be an error. In the example below, you can see that there is a big difference in the record dated 09/07/2018. To highlight a possible error, the updated tool now includes a new icon feature on the right-hand side. Discrepancies are noted by an exclamation mark within a triangle.

Hovering your cursor over the triangle will reveal a tool tip indicating what the error is.

Tip: The tool recognises the vehicles that are live in the system by the green status box in the ‘source table’ column. Vehicles no longer in the fleet are listed as ‘archived’ which appears in a grey box.

Correcting an odometer reading

Correcting the odometer reading is easy – click on the number, delete it and then enter the new one. Click the green ‘Save’ button to confirm your amend. The next screen that opens is an additional check to confirm the new odeometer entry. If this is correct, click the green ‘Done’ button to complete the task.

The following screen confirms that the amendment has been updated – the status of all entries have turned to green. Other vehicles in your fleet can be checked using the same method.