Chevin announces development of new workshop app

We are please to announced that we are investing significant time and resource into the development of a new workshop management tool, which is set to fully launch in early 2019.

Our new workshop app – the Workshop Hub – has a two-fold design purpose, primarily acting as a central location for technicians to complete daily administration tasks including time sheets, service documents, inspection sheets and workshop audits, but also as a means to drive management information by producing real-time, actionable data relating to employee utilisation and efficiency.

Allowing managers to allocate job cards to each individual technician and monitor day-to-day activities from afar, the new tool not will not only empower technicians by providing guided, intuitive prompts and job-specific information to ensure timely completion of work, but also provide management teams with greater visibility of staff and resource allocations.

Turning the spotlight on fleet compliance and risk management regimes, the ‘Hub’ will enable technicians to produce targeted, manufacturer-specific inspection sheets for specified vehicles, complete with mandatory fields that prevent any paperwork from being digitally filed before any given job is both complete and compliant.

Additionally, it will add great value from a cost-cutting perspective, as mandatory forms can be quickly updated – in a digital format – to match current and ever-changing legislation.

When discussed with one of Chevin’s large-scale, long-standing clients, it was estimated that savings of up to £20,000 could be made per year on processing service and inspection sheets, when considering the typical costs that are associated with printing and paper processes.

Overall, the new system simplifies and consolidates all admin functions for workshop technicians, providing easy access to a wealth of fleet data. It also promotes improved user engagement; maximised compliance; increased workshop efficiency and completion of vehicle-specific documentation.

Other benefits include:

Easy implementation – once purchased, the Hub can be ‘turned on’ for immediate use
Proactive work ethic – options available to workers only match that of the jobs they have been assigned
In-depth history reports – technicians can upload images for more detailed reporting
Electronic signature capture – triggering PDFs to be automatically sent to assigned team members
Targeted cost reduction – the ‘Hub’ significantly reduces printing costs
Informed decisions – provides greater visibility of fleet data to drive informed decisions

Accessible on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices, the ‘Workshop Hub’ is being developed in line with client feedback and extensive market research and will be available as a stand-alone module outside of Chevin’s FleetWave software, integrating via an API.

Speaking on the new product development, Ashley Sowerby, Chevin’s Managing Director, said:

“The ‘Hub’ has been developed using the experience of a number of ex-fleet and maintenance professionals employed at Chevin and in close partnership with existing clients.

“This has allowed us to ensure it not only uses the very latest technology stacks available, but also perfectly meets the needs of technicians and managers alike.”