Stephen de Launay celebrates 30 years at Chevin

By Ellen Sowerby
02 June 2023

Our Product Evangelist, Stephen de Launay joined us back in 1993 and celebrated 30 years with Chevin last month!

Within his role at Chevin Steve’s responsibilities include providing industry and system knowledge to support marketing, sales, and product updates.

It’s been a tremendous privilege to work with Steve over these past 30 years. During that time both Steve and Chevin have grown and transformed – into industry leading champions. Steve, who has spent time working in (almost) every team or department at Chevin, is now uniquely skilled and positioned to deliver his current role of Global Product Evangelist – His “apprenticeship” has seen him travel the world, spending time in Fleet Offices and Workshops on many continents, with clients operating in different languages and under very different legislation, helping to resolve the very broad range of challenges faced by our clients in these wildly-varying circumstances. Always smiling, always ready to help, and an invaluable member of the Chevin family.

Ashley Sowerby
Founder & Executive Chairman

When asked about his time at Chevin, Steve stated:

‘When I joined Chevin 30 years ago, the business, and world was very different.  From a small office with 2 people, to a global enterprise serving clients around the world I have seen many changes.  Remember, when I first started working at Chevin, the internet wasn’t even a thing!

My career has taken me thorough many roles, from office admin, through support, development, sales, project management, product management, and to my current position as Global Product Evangelist! The diversity in the people I interact with, and the businesses we work with means that the job has never been boring.

It is interesting to note that while technology has advanced, the fundamental requirements of fleet management haven’t changed too much, which I guess is why, as a provider of flexible solutions to core fleet management issues we’ve always been at the forefront of the fleet software industry.

Even though the business is now significantly larger than it was in 1993, it is still a great place to work, and to grow, and unsurprisingly, I can’t see myself working anywhere else!

30 years has flown by, I guess like somebody once said, If you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life!  Being part of the Chevin story has been an amazing adventure, and long may it continue.’


Congratulations Steve!


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