Beacon Mobility implements FleetWave in 100 sites across the US

By Ellen Sowerby
15 March 2024

For the past 18 months our client Beacon Mobility has been rolling out FleetWave to their growing family of companies, covering 22 brands in 24 states!

Backed by nearly 100 years of experience, Beacon Mobility provides safe, reliable, and cost-effective mobility solutions. Communities, school districts, special education programs, and regional transit authorities count on their companies to get people where they need to go safely and on time.

As well as implementing our fleet management software, FleetWave, the Beacon Mobility companies are also utilizing our Workshop app. Designed with technicians and workshops in mind, the intuitive interface helps to speed up and regulate technician admin from anywhere. This allows technicians to quickly and easily manage maintenance tasks including workload, activity, stock management, compliance and more.

It has now been rolled out across 100 sites to over 500 technicians, fleet team members and various operations partners.

The adoption rate of the Workshop app in the garages has continued to impress me. Putting a new tablet in the hands of a tenured technician who has seldom used technology can be intimidating. The discovery sessions that occur before go live and the ongoing communication with the shops ahead of time has helped ease the apprehension of the techs. In addition to workshop app, Beacon Mobility Fleet, Operations and functional support teams have embraced the FleetWave system as the single source of truth for all fleet data.

Margret Davis
VP Fleet Management

This week the Beacon Mobility Fleet team, along with Adam Duncan, our FleetWave Consultant, have been in New York implementing our software at Rolling V Bus Corporation which marks the 100th site!

100 shops in FleetWave is a tremendous accomplishment, congratulations. It moves us closer to having a standardized program that will be the true source of fleet information for all of Beacon Mobility. I would like to thank the team for all the hard work, travel, and time away from family, friends they have endured. As we grow so will the shops on Fleetwave and the data gained from the program will drive our decisions for years to come. Congratulations again and job well done!

Michael Rorison
VP Maintenance

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