We release the second wave of UI updates to FleetWave  

Improvements made to the fleet data displays and performance reporting


We’re pleased to announce that the second stage of our changes to both Enterprise and SME versions of FleetWave have been released!

These latest updates focus primarily on improving the way that your fleet data and performance reporting is displayed within the software.

New UI/UX technology has been incorporated into FleetWave alongside additional new tools. The existing key features have been retained but redesigned so that they’re much more user-friendly.

These improvements include:

A code-free report builder called the KPI Wizard
A redesigned reporting dashboard with a “report manager” that allows users to quickly add or remove items from a list of best practise fleet industry KPIs
Data table presentation supporting fleet specific visual enhancements such as vehicle registration plate graphics based on country of origin
Icons to help users easily identify properties such as fuel types, vehicle types and visual alerts for services
Reminders that change colour based on urgency using the traffic light system

They follow on from the first set of installments that were released just over a year ago. These first stage improvements included a new navigation menu and log-in management that in turn helped pave the link the way for the release of enhancements to be possible.

David Gladding, Global Sales and Marketing Director Gladding explains:

Helping our users quickly and easily understand their data means that they can make better and more informed tactical and strategic fleet management decisions.”

“FleetWave is an incredibly comprehensive fleet software package capable of managing intricate and complex levels of fleet data including tax, procurement contract, maintenance, fuel and costings with the ability to deliver high levels of system configuration.”

“Keeping a consistent user experience whilst retaining high levels of configuration in the system created a significant challenge for our development team, but we believe that what we have achieved is a truly exceptional fleet management system.”

“FleetWave remains at the forefront on internet technology and these latest updates have exceeded expectations. We are confident that existing users will be delighted with the improvements too.”