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Chevin Annual Conference 2022

By Ellen Sowerby
11 August 2022

This year marked our 7th Annual Conference in the US, held from the 16th – 18th May in the live music capital of the world Austin, Texas.

It was great to be back hosting our Annual Conference again after 3 long years, and we are thrilled it turned out to be such a great success.

There were over 50 attendees, 26 companies and a combined responsibility for over a quarter of a million vehicles in the room!

Educational Workshops

Our conference featured educational workshops, product demonstrations and breakout sessions presented by our team including:

  • Business Update
  • Product Roadmap
  • KPI Wizard Training
  • Future Model Scoping
  • New Features Masterclass
  • Advanced Analytics

I felt the walk through of the KPI and API was very informative

Ruben Romero
City of Las Cruces

Our aim was to involve customers in helping to shape our product roadmap, so that we can continue to improve our systems and help customers gain the insight they need to take control of their assets and workforce with FleetWave.


Industry Insights

We gathered experts from the fleet industry to provide unique insights into the future of fleet management. These thought-leadership sessions were incorporated to help customers develop their fleet strategy, enabling them to plan for tomorrow by knowing how to adapt and evolve with the latest technologies, legal requirements and regulations.


Ford Motor Company: Exploring a Driverless Future

Fiona Gronowicz, Terminal Operations Manager for Ford Motor Company’s Autonomous Vehicle subsidiary leads a team of parts and service professionals responsible for developing and bringing to market Ford’s driverless fleet operations. During her speaker session she provided an overview of Ford Motor Company’s development of Autonomous Vehicles and the implications of operating an autonomous fleet for a fleet manager.


Deloitte: Telematics and the related fleet tech enabled by the IOT

Tadeh “Toddy” Issakhanian, Manager of Deloitte Consulting Supply Chain Practice leads Deloitte’s Fleet Center of Excellence and Global E-Mobility Community of Practice. He brought over a decade of experience in supporting large government and commercial fleets across numerous sectors and provided a session on how telematics can support fleet management processes.

Wheels-Donlen: Sustainability and EV’s Best Practices

We also hosted an industry speaker session by Maria Neve, Vice President, Electrification and Sustainability at Wheels-Donlen. She is responsible for the strategic and operational direction of the shift towards EVs and sustainability and her session focused on the rEVolution. She shared why EV infrastructure should be the first thing an organization thinks about, the best practices in planning EV deployments so that drivers, leadership and fleet managers are set up for success and why fleet management 101 is essential to a successful sustainability plan.

Learn more about our industry speakers


Genius Bar

This year we introduced the ‘Genius Bar’ which gave customers the opportunity to talk to our technical specialists one-on-one and make live changes to their system and it was a highlight for many at the conference.

The genius bar was such a good way for us to learn and utilize different functions, it was helpful!

Samantha Hoen
NYS Office of General Services

The tech slot alone was worth the price of admission

Eric Romph
Missouri State Highway Patrol


We kicked off the conference with a welcome meeting before heading up to the rooftop bar. Customers were provided with their name tags and directed to our event app, a new addition for 2022. The app featured the conference agenda, venue information, staff bios, session details and was configured to allow customers to interact with live polls and send questions to our team during presentations.

We also headed to Ladybird Lake on day 2 for a sunset boat cruise which featured a BBQ, live jazz band and a stop to watch the famous bats at Congress Bridge.


Sustainable Welcome Packs

As an organisation we believe that creating a more sustainable world is essential for future generations to thrive and will continue to carry out environmentally responsible business practices.

We have implemented multiple environmental initiatives in recent years such as planting trees for customers, going digital with our brochures and becoming a carbon neutral organisation!

Our conference welcome packs provided our customers with both purposeful and sustainable items to be used during the event. In partnership with BambuuBrush we provided reusable water bottles, biodegradable toothbrushes and climate neutral dentatabs along with a plantable notebook and pen!

Customer Feedback

The conference received a 4.7/5-star overall rating from our customers and was our most highly attended conference to date, with attendees responsible for some of the biggest fleets in the US.

We are new to Chevin and it was very helpful seeing how well FleetWave is working for other entities.

Lou Garafolo
New Mexico Department of Public Safety

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