Technician & workshop app

Quickly and easily manage maintenance tasks: workload, activity, stock management, compliance – and much more, with our superior technician and workshop app.

The workshop software technicians love

Designed with your technicians in mind, our innovative app helps to streamline your workshop operation. Giving your technicians the flexibility to view and manage allocated tasks – whether in the workshop or out in the field – your people can quickly record activities, add stock, track time, view repair records and much more.

Learn quickly

Our intuitive software is designed to work seamlessly with smart devices, desktops, and laptops.

Easy task tracking

Your technicians can clock in and out at the touch of a button to enhance efficiency and produce detailed timesheets to help measure productivity.

Quickly view workloads

You can access assigned workloads in a clear, expandable list with detailed job specifications.

Create job cards

Create new job cards directly from the app and effortlessly search for your vehicles in FleetWave’s database.

Request parts

You can easily request parts through the app and send them to managers for approval.

Complete inspections

Create configurable vehicle inspection sheets for your technicians to fill out with the ability to capture signatures.

Pick up work waiting

All open but unassigned work is stored in a list for your technicians to easily choose tasks, in priority order.

Assist on jobs

Assist on jobs that require more than one technician so that your staff timesheets track correctly.

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For more information, take a look at our FleetWave Technician FAQ’s.

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Simplify administration

FleetWave Technician is home to all the tools that your people need to complete assigned jobs and workshop tasks. It gives your technicians the ability to:

Easily open assigned jobs

Upload images and descriptions

Add and request parts

View detailed vehicle histories

Search vehicles and create job cards

Assist other technicians

Automatically track productivity

Keep a close eye on your workshop activity with the Technician App.

Our intuitive app connects directly with FleetWave, so you can easily view your workshop activity at any time of day.

Automatically generate timesheet reports that detail both productive and non-productive tasks: training, lunch, admin, job assistance, and assigned jobs.

Keep everything secure with unique usernames, password, and pin codes for your technicians.

Go paperless

Eliminate the time and cost associated with paper processes.

FleetWave Technician allows you to complete vehicle inspections electronically, giving you the tools to:

  • Conduct touch-enabled inspections to reduce the risk of errors
  • Build custom forms or choose from templates
  • Maintain accountability with signature capture

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