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The Importance of Automated Fleet Solutions

By Gary Thomas
15 April 2022

What is Asset Management Software for fleets?

Fleets operate in highly regulated environments full of complex challenges and safety risks. Using an advanced fleet management system is the best way to optimise processes, reduce downtime and stay competitive.

Key reasons fleet managers need an asset management software

Today’s digital fleet solutions include many powerful features to help fleet managers track expenses, make smarter decisions based on real-time data, and solve complicated vehicle- and driver-related problems.

Effective fleet solutions are instrumental in maximising fleet efficiency and lowering operational costs. With the proper fleet management software in place, businesses benefit from:


Better fuel economy

Fuel accounts for a large chunk of a fleet’s total expenditure. While the actual cost of petrol is beyond one’s control, there are several ways fleet management software can help you lower fuel usage per trip.

Fleet software optimises routing and dispatch, helping drivers find the shortest path in real-time and reduce total miles driven. The system also alerts the driver of weather updates and traffic volume that might burn extra fuel.


Real-time visibility

Fleet management software unlocks a new level of data visibility across your entire fleet. With access to historical and real-time information, fleet managers can monitor overall fleet performance, improve task scheduling and closely monitor expenses.

Many fleet management systems are equipped with GPS sensors that provide insights on drivers’ actions, such as idling, braking, speeding, aggressive driving and cornering.

These behaviours affect fleet performance and fuel consumption, potentially raising operational and maintenance expenses. Excessive idling can also negatively impact the environment.

You can use fleet management software to determine the causes of idle time and improve fleet productivity. With fleet solutions, you can optimise your drivers’ travel routes, set up geofencing parameters and reduce fuel waste.


Greater fleet safety

One of the most significant benefits of fleet management software is tracking risky driving behaviour, like speeding and hard braking and acceleration. You can specify certain parameters and get notified whenever your driver makes a driving error. Having a complete view of your drivers’ actions on the field can help enhance safety, reduce potential repair costs, and lengthen the vehicles’ lifecycle.

A fleet maintenance system can also notify drivers through in-vehicle displays when pre-defined parameters are exceeded. It also records footage before, during and after any road accidents.


Improved preventive maintenance plans

A fleet management system streamlines preventive maintenance scheduling, inspections and repairs. It helps ensure your entire fleet meets warranty standards and stays on top of regular service items, including oil changes, wheel alignments and others. By setting service reminders, you can prevent costly breakdowns and downtime.

With an organised preventive maintenance system, fleet managers can meet delivery deadlines with certainty, and vehicles are road-ready at any given moment.


Drive your fleet forward with smart fleet solutions

Digital fleet solutions allow you to enhance fleet visibility, maximise ROI and increase vehicle utilization.

Chevin Fleet’s asset management software, featuring tailored dashboards and powerful reporting tools, lets you analyse and measure fleet performance in one easy-to-manage system.

Request a demo now and learn how our intuitive software can benefit your business.

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