‘Database views’ functionality increasingly used for advanced fleet profiling

Enterprise-level asset and fleet management software, FleetWave, is increasingly being used to help operations identify risks such as accidents, poor utilisation and more though enhanced vehicle and driver profiling.

fleet-profilingThe FleetWave ‘database views’ functionality enables businesses to pull their fleet data together into a consolidated view and create enhanced reports presenting the information in a more meaningful way – to help spot trends, risks, and potential for improvement.

“FleetWave can integrate into almost any third party data software including telematics systems, training programs, accounting systems, driver licence databases and fuel systems,” explains Ken Goldberg, General Manager, Chevin Fleet Solutions.

“When these integrations are combined with FleetWave’s database views functionality, it offers a huge benefit to clients by enabling them to securely pull in information from both internal and external sources and quickly present the information in easy-to-read reports that can support decisions on improvement strategies.”

For example, one common use lies in profiling drivers’ potential risk of being involved in accidents.

“With data showing that a third of all crashes involve people driving for business purposes, minimising the chance of incidents occurring can help mitigate potentially substantial damage and fleet expenditure,” Ken detailed.

“We have clients that have used FleetWave to compare driver information such as age, experience, accident rate or type, training, licence history, behaviour scores (telematics data), fuel economy, daily mileage and more, to help create driver risk profiles.

“We believe that it’s critical to have a policy in place to manage risk but even more important for that policy to be quickly and easily measurable. FleetWave enables that and can help support future benchmarking and improvement.”