‘Selecting Your Vehicles: The Right Fuel For The Job’

Chevin releases a new whitepaper to help fleet managers make an informed fuel type choice

Selecting the right fuel type for a fleet can often be a daunting task. With petrol and diesel vehicles the popular choices, proposals have been made to influence the uptake of ‘greener’ electric vehicles (EVs) with tax incentives and a mandatory fuel efficiency standard of 105 g/km to be introduced as soon as 2022. This is three years earlier than the date currently being considered by the federal government.

There are questions being asked about the suitability of electric vehicles in Australia, one of those being the suitability of an electric grid that relies heavily on coal. The popularity of EVs in Australia is falling behind that of other countries, accounting for only 0.1% of overall vehicle sales in 2016. This does pose a question mark over their inclusion in a fleet at this present time.

This whitepaper considers the fuel options available to fleet managers – looking at the pros and cons of each to enable a suitable choice.

Speaking on the topic, Ashley Sowerby, Chevin’s Managing Director, said:

“Having a clear understanding of the pros and cons of each fuel type available, as well as a good understanding of the cost elements is paramount when choosing vehicles.

“Our latest whitepaper reviews the recent changes in legislation and subsequent implications to fuel types, allowing fleet managers to evaluate all the options available to them before making investments in their fleet”.