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Managing Compliance for Fleets

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By Will Wycks
08 February 2022

Does your fleet comply with the legal rules and regulations it needs to – and are you equipped to keep tabs on them as they change?

Even for smaller businesses, fleet compliance management can cause severe headaches. Here, we look at some of the biggest pain points and how you can make life easier for yourself in a fleet management role.

However, first it’s important to establish…



Exactly what is fleet compliance?

Being compliant means managing your fleet business across four key areas:

  • Your vehicles must be fit for purpose and outfitted with safety provisions
  • Your drivers must be licensed, trained and fit to drive
  • Your journeys must be planned purposefully and realistically scheduled, with consideration given to driver breaks and adverse weather
  • Your management must clearly explain company policies and staff responsibilities, along with training in relevant systems and ongoing evaluation of each of the above.

Covering all of these bases ensures your operation meets fleet safety compliance standards, keeping your people as safe as possible – whether they’re on the road, or in your workplace.


Why is fleet safety important?

Up to a third of all road traffic accidents involve someone working at the time. That accounts for more than 20 deaths and 250 serious injuries every week. If one of your drivers is the cause, that could lead to them being prosecuted. Or, it could lead to you, as their employer, being prosecuted instead.

There are many reasons this could happen, from inadequate training to substandard vehicle maintenance, unreasonable journey demands, or poorly communicated safety directives. Fleet safety compliance means giving your employees the best chance of avoiding accidents, while also protecting your company from anything unexpected that may happen on the road.


Compliance for greener fleets

However, compliance isn’t just about avoiding accidents and liability if they happen. The UK government has committed to a zero-fossil-fuel future from 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050, and outlined its Road To Zero strategy for cleaner road transport. Fleet businesses will have a key role to play in achieving this.

As part of this move towards greener driving, most of Greater London is already classed a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) designed to encourage heavy diesel vehicles to become cleaner. Central London, meanwhile, is designated an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). The LEZ operates 24/7-365, while the ULEZ operates every day except Christmas Day. HGVs, vans, buses and minibuses that operate within these zones and don’t meet Euro 4 (for petrol) or Euro 6 (for diesel) standards will have to pay a penalty charge.

As a result, if you operate in or near the Capital, complying with these regulations could save your business a considerable sum. Even if your fleet operates elsewhere, however, you should be mindful of complying with UK heavy-duty vehicle CO2 emissions standards.

In short, whether you’re concerned with fleet safety management, moving to a greener future, or simply managing the day-to-day of renewing licenses and keeping on top of legal requirements, using the right fleet compliance solution can help you stay on top of the ins and outs, alongside the other demands of your busy role.


Introducing FleetWave Lite



FleetWave Lite takes the pain out of keeping your fleet compliant with fleet safety, fuel output, costings, and more besides.

From just £3 per vehicle per month, our fully online fleet compliance management software – usable through a computer or tablet – is built to help you keep control of compliance for your vehicles and drivers, as well as manage costs across your entire fleet.

Easy to set up and intuitive to use, within days you can be tracking all of your business’s KPIs and keeping your finger on the pulse of your fleet from one central dashboard.


Key KPIs you can track with FleetWave Lite for peace of mind compliance include:

  • Vehicles with the best and worst fuel economy
  • Monthly fuel costs
  • Time vehicles have spent off-road
  • Which vehicles are due a service and when
  • Driver license validations and renewals
  • And much more!


You can also set FleetWave Lite to remind you when these important dates are near due. That means you’ll never be caught off guard, or get that horrible sinking that you’ve forgotten an all-important check that could cause your company problems.

The end result is that your business will run smoother than ever, with powerful reporting allowing you to track costs. You’ll also get a deeper understanding of your business, empowering you to make decisions about assets and equipment with a certainty you’ve never felt before.

Managing compliance for fleets is never entirely straightforward, but FleetWave Lite is explicitly built to give you the support you need – quickly, affordably, and in hassle-free fashion.

Additionally, FleetWave Lite can help you do away with spreadsheet management; eliminating human error, and giving your office team back far more of their day to spend their time where it’s needed most. Find out more about that here.


Want to learn more about how FleetWave Lite? Visit our information page and arrange a free trial today.

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