Gain total visibility over costs, compliance, and performance, and maintain accountability of your assets

Gain visibility, reduce costs & promote compliance

Managing a vast range of assets can be challenging.

Combine that with controlling expenditure and meeting obligations to provide quality public services, and you have a complex job.

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Best practice fleet management

Our smart software helps you to make things simple. FleetWave’s centralised system gives you all the tools and data you need to effortlessly maintain accountability of your fleet assets, get a clear view of cost and streamline your processes.

Total spending visibility

When money needs to be spent responsibly, closely managing funds is vital.

Our simple-to-use dashboard gives you clarity over where funds have been invested and how much money has been designated to certain areas.

FleetWave’s comprehensive software allows you to easily monitor spending and track purchase orders, including approval rules and workflows.

Integrate effortlessly

Access a full range of business data in one central location. Integrate with a range of third-party software applications, including GPS & telematics, fuel cards and accounting software.

Eliminate downtime

Never miss a service and prevent unnecessary downtime with traffic light alerts and automated reminders.

Stay compliant

Make regulatory compliance easy with automated reminders to alert you of expiring licences, renewal dates and other important events.

Streamline operations

From small vehicles to large and expensive assets, keep your fleet roadworthy at all times with FleetWave.

Make the move away from slow, paper-based processes and get all the forms and tools you need with our workshop tools functionality and innovative app, FleetWave Technician. Our systems allow you to:

  • Create and plan vehicle maintenance schedules
  • Highlight workshop overloading
  • Maintain technician availability
  • Create job cards
  • Facilitate parts requests and issues
  • Detail full vehicle service and repair history

Who uses our software?

A number of UK government organisations keep their fleet moving with our powerful management solutions, including:

FleetWave has been an enabler and a catalyst for change and we look forward to seeing what further changes we can develop together.

Sean Adams,

Corporate Fleet Manager, Dorset County Council

Dorset Council saved £60,000 per year

Using FleetWave, the council could quickly and easily access data and create bespoke reports on costs and performances: transparency of management information, monitoring levels and asset use quickly improved as a result.

FleetWave’s powerful reporting functionality also helped Dorset understand specific details relating to asset performance. By identifying how each asset was performing, the council was able to identify areas for improvement.

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Blog: The Benefits of Fleet Management Software for Government Fleets

In the realm of government operations, efficiency and optimization are paramount. From ensuring timely service delivery to managing resources effectively, every aspect of governance requires meticulous planning and execution.

Government fleets, comprising vehicles ranging from police cars and fire trucks to maintenance vehicles and public transportation, are the backbone of many essential services. To streamline the management of these fleets, governments are increasingly turning to fleet management software solutions. We explore the myriad benefits these platforms offer.

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