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Walsall Council uses FleetWave to maintain its no-exception attitude to compliance

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By Will Wycks
26 January 2021

Walsall Council achieves strong control of fleet operations. We give local authority fleets greater flexibility to speed up operations.

Walsall Council chose us to help tighten cost control and maintain its no-exception attitude to compliance.

Based in the Black Country, Walsall Council’s fleet operates to meet the demanding needs of a busy, modern, urban metropolitan borough council. In total, they operate more than 480 assets from hand-held plant equipment through to 26-tonne refuse trucks.

Keeping everything running smoothly is a major task that requires the right fleet management software.

Phillip Dutton, Transport Operations Manager, explained the situation that existed before we were brought on board: “With our old fleet software, the reporting side was very poor and long-winded. At the same time, it was very labour intensive from an administration point of view. It was clear to us that a new system was needed.”


FleetWave offers flexibility and support

After researching the market, the council chose our FleetWave product thanks to the flexibility it offers, as well as our high level of support.

“We made the decision with the help of our IT team and implementation was a relatively straightforward process,” Phillip said.

Immediately after installation, we began to demonstrate the benefits of FleetWave, with the system showing the real value of detailed reporting, with a range of tailored reports produced by the council’s in-house IT team in collaboration with our support team.

“The reports have been written so that the information we need is only a click away, and our daily operations are more user friendly and faster,”

“By running the right reports, we can show that we have seen an increase in productivity, achieved more convenient stock control and delivered a high level of legal compliance.”


Tailored reports speed up operations

The council also asked us to help it with its workshop management capabilities.

“We operate our own workshops and, if there is a single feature that I would highlight about FleetWave, it is the way in which it has enabled us to take a tighter control over operations in this area, especially when it comes to stock control,” said Phillip.

Also, workshop loading has enabled us to gain transparency over the available time of the workforce over set periods, resulting in a reduced turnaround of 15-20%.

Phillip Dutton
Transport Operations Manager

In a time of austerity when councils such as Walsall are under tremendous pressure to deliver high quality services at the lowest possible cost, Phillip says that adopting FleetWave has been a very successful move.

“In this current climate, like most organisations, we have fewer people doing more work. The system has enabled us to monitor productivity and streamline the administration side of our operation, creating real and measurable benefits. For example, we now spend 30% less time processing invoices.

“I would recommend FleetWave because it meets all my needs and also does much more.”


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