Glesby Marks have gone live with FleetWave

By Ellen Sowerby
09 February 2023

Glesby Marks is a national, independent vehicle and equipment leasing company. Since 1976 they have been helping customers reach their financial goals through convenient, cost effective and innovative leasing solutions, and this month they went live with FleetWave, to manage their fleet of vehicles!

We went live with our production site this week, I am already really happy with this system. I really enjoyed working with the project team. Kate is next level great, she is so knowledgeable, creative and a really thoughtful programmer. She has been a total delight to work with!

Emily Stoller
Glesby Marks

If you’re responsible for a wide range of clients and vehicles, you’ll know that efficient management is key. With FleetWave, you can easily manage all your clients’ unique fleet needs from one central system. You can provide clients with access to their own data and reports, generate unique billing routines and create vehicle selection systems based on unique requirements.

Our flexible fleet management software gives users the tools to stay compliant, power-up productivity and exceed customer expectations.

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