Asset management

Effortlessly monitor and manage the entire life cycle of your assets, increasing efficiency and productivity along the way

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Fleet maintenance management

Keep your fleet compliant and prevent unscheduled downtime

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Fuel management

Optimize fuel expenditure, eliminate fraud and reduce your carbon footprint

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Workshop management

Empower your workforce by granting greater control over their workload and reducing administrative burdens

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Inventory management

Streamline your Service, Maintenance and Repair (SMR) process using inventory management best practice

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Driver management

Ensure your drivers are always on track with organized driver records and information on fuel cards, repairs, and vehicle usage expenses

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Defect management

Defeat downtime with auto-generated defect data

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Accident management

Keep your fleet safe and secure with clear visibility of reported accidents

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Fleet management reports

Get instant, in-depth fleet performance data with detailed reports

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Fines management

Easily manage appeals, avoid escalation charges & identify fine hotspots

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