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Effortlessly control all aspects of your asset management

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Things don’t need to be complicated. Keep it simple with our asset management software.

Using our system, seamlessly blend together all the information you need to efficiently manage your assets, from acquisition and procurement to allocation and disposal.

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Centralize your management

Capture important data, monitor orders, and store documents such as contracts and photos in one central location.

Measure performance

Reach peak performance using our tailored dashboards.

FleetWave places the analytics and information you need at your fingertips, helping you to make data-driven decisions that improve the efficiency of your team.

Reduce downtime

Keep everything running smoothly. Never miss a maintenance task and reduce unscheduled downtime.

Improve productivity

Monitor your performance and costs with powerful reporting tools, to help you make effective decisions.

Increase asset visibility

Manage the performance and cost of assets and equipment in one easy to manage system.

Automate data sharing

Effortlessly integrate with third-party data providers, applications, web services, asset tracking software and internal systems.

Discover powerful integrations

A wide range of helpful integrations are available with FleetWave, such as:

  • GPS & telematics – pull in odometers, driver behaviour, geolocation and more
  • Accounting and finance providers – for easier accounting & tax management
  • Parts and service providers – for detailed visibility of all repairs and inventory
  • And more…
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