Keeping businesses moving

We’re the leading global provider of dedicated fleet management software, with solutions for organizations of every shape and size… anywhere in the world!

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Over 30 years of market-leading software

Established in 1990 in a small town in the heart of the UK, our software solutions are now used in over 180 countries to manage more than 1 million vehicles and associated assets.

We’re passionate about our customers – when you join our global community, you get to share in the knowledge and expertise of some of the world’s largest and most complex fleets.

Our smart solutions keep fleets moving, delivering the needs of today and meeting the demands of tomorrow.

Flexible solutions

Streamline processes and improve performance with our easy-to-use fleet management system.

FleetWave’s smart software allows you to effortlessly manage the complete lifecycle of your fleet from one central location, helping you to tackle inefficiencies, reduce costs and ensure compliance.


Monitor assets

Lower emissions

Increase utilization

Reduce costs

Improve performance

Automate processes

Pushing standards higher

We know that every business is different. That’s why we’ve built a flexible, intuitive solution that can be tailored to suit your unique needs. We offer:

Multi-award-winning innovative software

Excellent customer service

ISO accredited (ISO 9001 & ISO 27001)

Global customer community

Quality and security

Consultation on or offsite

Dedicated support

Almost limitless integration

Environmentally conscious

30 years of fleet management expertise

Our leadership team

With years of experience in software, asset management, global sales and customer support, our executive team know how to lead the way.

Gary Thompson

Chief Executive Officer

Will Wycks

Chief Marketing & Product Officer

James Broad

Chief Financial Officer

Ashley Sowerby

Founder & Executive Chairman


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