Introducing SmartForms, the revolutionary FleetWave tool to effortlessly build unique forms, automate processes and capture data in real time

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SmartForms Key Features

Use SmartForms to:

Create bespoke forms without additional 3rd party software

Automate workflows within your operation to send notifications

Ensure data consistency and drive best practice with your end users

Respond with FleetWave Driver

Send tasks to workers in the field, and make it easy for them to set up bespoke forms, capture data, and access virtual paperwork via the mobile app.

FleetWave Driver

Use Cases

The only limit to what you can create in SmartForms is your imagination! Some typical uses to get you started include:

Daily walk-around checks

Defect reporting

Accident reporting

Mileage capture

Fleet availability

Depot & Health and Safety audits

Want to learn more?

For more information, take a look at our FleetWave SmartForms FAQ’s.

Download the FAQs

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