Defect management software

Defeat downtime with autogenerated defect information

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Go paperless with your inspections & defect reporting

Keep your assets in top condition with FleetWave’s inspection and defect management capabilities.

Record detailed information – including the time, date and GPS location –to record a comprehensive auditable trail.

The defect management system lets your team make real-time reports in the field or from the workshop about the condition of fleet vehicles and equipment. This way, they can quickly relay information about potential safety concerns and defects through the FleetWave software. As a result, you can resolve issues faster.

Gain instant visibility of your team’s vehicle and equipment concerns, and quickly address them.

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Avoid bumps in the road

Your workers can easily report defects and safety concerns from the field, so you can collect data in real-time to keep your fleet moving.

Safety made simple

Prioritise important inspections over time-exhaustive paperwork with digital forms.

Our mobile applications, FleetWave Forms and Workshop Hub allow your workforce to conduct safety inspections using any smartphone or tablet, enabling your drivers to:

  • Create first-use checks of any asset
  • Complete daily walk-around checks
  • Perform vehicle safety inspections
  • Capture images of equipment, such as damage
  • Make comments on potential faults or incidents
  • Record signatures for each inspection

Eliminate paper forms

Our electronic forms reduce admin time and remove the need for paper.

Easily capture data

Workers can quickly capture data such as text, photos, signatures and more.

Keep an auditable trail

Log all your important data in one place to keep a detailed, auditable history of defects and inspections.

Ensure compliance

Keep on top of regulatory and legal compliance such as safety inspections.

Report defects quickly

Report issues in the field.

Or enter them into FleetWave.

Then raise defects as work orders.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Looking for a paperless solution that can streamline your maintenance process?

By using FleetWave, or our technician app, Workshop Hub, you can carry out regulatory and legal requirements at the click of a button.

Award-winning software

Ready to improve your defect management?

If you’re ready to learn more about smarter defect management, let us know and one of our sales development representatives will be in touch!

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