Build electronic forms and collect data on the go

Send tasks to workers in the field, and make it easy for them to set up bespoke forms, capture data, and access virtual paperwork via the mobile app.

It’s even designed to work offline!

Go paperless

Don’t waste time on inefficient and inaccurate paper processes.

Improve your mobile workforce management and collect data on the go with our user-friendly app, fully integrated with FleetWave.

Improve visibility

Access important information from the field.

Simplify scheduling

Dispatch staff to the right place at the right time.

Create compliant auditing

Keep up-to-date and improve efficiency with a transparent audit trail.

Speed up invoicing

Cut out the delays that come with printing and postage.

Download the Forms App

Built to be used both online and offline, our Forms app gives you the freedom to work wherever you are. From capturing data to accessing vital information, the Forms app makes it easy to manage your fleet on the go. It’s simple to keep updated with one-touch downloads available directly from Google Play and the App Store. Download the FleetWave Forms app on iOS or Android devices now.

The FleetWave brochure

For more information and a full list of features, take a look at our brochure.

Download your brochure

Build custom forms for any task

Create electronic forms for almost any job function, including:

Vehicle inspections

Technicians and mobile fitters

Safety and risk assessments

Accident forms

Business expenses

Driver trips

Easily capture data

Capture and transfer almost any type of data using tablets and smartphones.

Our intuitive app allows you to collect detailed information, signatures and even pictures.

Speed up processes and eliminate manual data entry with barcodes and QR codes.


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