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Keep your fleet compliant and reduce downtime

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Keep vehicles roadworthy & reduce downtime

When it comes to driving your fleet forwards, downtime can be disastrous.

Online vehicle fleet maintenance software helps you prevent downtime and other common roadblocks in fleet management. It lets you plan and track all maintenance and repair services of your vehicles and equipment. It also reminds you to make timely purchase orders and invoices, effectively avoiding operational delays.

The right fleet maintenance software also keeps track of warranties and other records for you.

Automate your processes with our smarter fleet maintenance solutions and stay in control of your daily operations.

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Keep your fleet on the road

Plan and track servicing and repairs with our vehicle management system. Use FleetWave to create purchase orders, invoices and manage parts warranty seamlessly. Use the data collected to increase the efficiency of your maintenance program and reduce fleet running costs. Effortlessly update records and manage work with external suppliers to keep your fleet on the road.

Don’t miss a thing

Keep everything running smoothly with FleetWave.

Our fleet maintenance tracking software makes sure you never miss important maintenance events. As a result, it helps you maintain trouble-free day-to-day operations.

Input important diary events and create automated email or text reminders for events such as inspections, services and training to keep your team up to date.

Online vehicle fleet maintenance software gives your team full transparency of vehicle service schedules, regulatory compliance and job completions. You can also create KPIs on the system dashboard for a quick, real-time view of your operational status.

Easily report defects

Use our fleet maintenance system to easily report defects with photos and descriptions, or register defects on the go with our mobile app.

Keep your fleet safe

Reduce the risk of accidents with detailed maintenance records that ensure equipment is always in good working order.

Eliminate vehicle downtime

Never miss a service with traffic light alerts and automated email and text reminders. Seamlessly manage the work schedule to prevent unnecessary downtime.

Keep costs low

Track and report the information, time and costs of the maintenance of your assets to keep on top of your expenses.

Make safety your priority

Reduce risks and serious issues with up-to-date defect reports.

Raise defects as they happen with our mobile forms app to quickly resolve defects and reduce risk.

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Streamline work order management

Visibility is key to streamlining your processes.

Our fleet maintenance software allows you to keep on top of work orders, giving you a comprehensive view of expenses, current statuses and labor.

Detailed records are automatically stored against each asset, helping you to identify inefficiencies and associated costs.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is fleet maintenance software?

    Fleet maintenance and management software gives you full, streamlined control of a large fleet of vehicles. It helps you identify and address maintenance concerns, inventory issues and potential road hazards before they become serious issues. It also lets you track drivers in real time.

    This system is advisable for a fleet of cars, limousines, trucks, delivery vehicles and aircraft. You can also use vehicle fleet maintenance software for other equipment that have an engine.

  • What are the common features of fleet maintenance software?

    A comprehensive vehicle fleet management system typically includes maintenance management, inventory and equipment control, vehicle tracking, accident reporting, claim governance, and vendor and customer interfacing responsibilities.

    You gain access to all facets of fleet management on one comprehensive system. It gives you the flexibility to check up on your team from any computer or mobile device, too.

  • Are there related market trends I need to understand?

    Maximize the use of your vehicle fleet management software by having a thorough grasp of Software as a Service (SaaS). This is the root of modern fleet maintenance and management systems. It’s important to identify the risks and benefits of different web-based solutions before using one for daily operations.

    It’s also important to look out for mobile device market trends because fleet maintenance software relies on mobile applications to keep you updated with your drivers.

  • Which factors help me determine the best fleet maintenance software?

    Fleet management systems are designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use. With so many options to choose from you have to focus on the accuracy and efficiency of these key factors:

    • GPS tracking to help you track vehicle locations and to help drives avoid accidents and traffic
    • Driver hours compliance to keep track of your drivers’ hours and remain compliant
    • Route performance via integrations with telematics providers to boost the fuel-efficiency and time-efficiency of your drivers
    • Maintenance and diagnostics to help you avoid downtime and costly repairs

    Road safety and accident reporting to help you reduce the likelihood of accidents

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