Fuel management system

Keep your fuel costs and environmental impact low with our fuel management system.

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Keep costs visible

Your fuel shouldn’t cost the earth.

Our automated fuel management system gives you full visibility of your fleet’s accumulated fuel costs and individual transactions. You can integrate commercial fuel cards into the system, too. As a result, it lets you streamline fleet operations for maximum fuel efficiency and cost savings.

Another benefit of automated fuel management systems is that they give you real-time insight into fuel economy performance, CO2 emissions and other operating efficiencies that affect your business.

Reduce your fuel expenses and carbon footprint at the same time with FleetWave.

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Control fuel costs

Gain instant visibility over your fuel costs and easily generate reports to help manage driver performance, CO2 emissions and fuel economy. And access real-time insight into operating efficiencies by integrating with commercial fuel card or electronic fuel management systems.

Easily track transactions

Eliminate paper receipts with our easy-to-use mobile app. Your drivers can log their fuel purchases on the go, or upload transactions directly into the system.

  • Input data directly through the system or using the FleetWave Driver app
  • Import fuel data from spreadsheet files on the fly
  • Integrate easily with external software to keep all your data in one place

Through our automated fuel management system, you can save time on logging, tracking and computing fuel purchases. It also saves you the hassle of collecting and processing paper receipts — this is a particularly appealing feature to businesses that want to reduce carbon footprint or operate remotely.

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Cut fuel costs

Understand your expenses and measure performance to cut costs.

Integrate seamlessly

Automate transaction imports with effortless integrations with fuel cards & fuelling systems.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Prioritise green fleet initiatives with access to real-world CO2 emissions and fuel economy.

Prevent fuel fraud

Safeguard fuelling processes by verifying drivers and assets at the pump.

Streamline fuel transactions

Our fleet fuel management software streamlines fuel-related transactions, operations and communications. Our system gives full access to fuel data on any mobile device.

Understand your costs

Report on fuel transactions

Highlight exceptions

Calculate environmental impact

Measure fuel economy

Keep your fleet running economically.

Our fleet fuel management software accurately tracks and records your fuel economy. It enables you to keep track of day-to-day fuel consumption and, if necessary, make operational changes for greater cost savings and fuel efficiency.

Our fuel management system measures the fuel economy of your whole fleet and drills down into individual asset data to help set fuel consumption targets and track performance.

Reduce fuel fraud

Spot potential fuel fraud by tracking off-hours purchases and quantities above tank capacity. This helps you gain full visibility and control of operational expenses.

Our fuel management system can be set to gallons, liters, miles or kilometers.

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