Fleet management reports

Get instant, in-depth fleet performance data with detailed reports

Reporting made simple

Get rid of reporting roadblocks with FleetWave’s easy to use fleet management reporting tools.

New reports can be created quickly using the systems Query Builder and KPI Wizard, and data is simple to interpret thanks to intuitive graphs and charts.

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Make informed decisions

Update your team with relevant information with unique user permissions, granting access to important performance analytics and actionable reports. And ensure that all business-critical information reaches the right inbox using FleetWave’s automated email reports – they can be distributed at intervals of your choice!

Improve your fleet performance & reduce costs

FleetWave has all the essential fleet management reports you need built into its software, including:

  • Maintenance costs
  • Vehicle off-road reports
  • Outstanding defects
  • Open work orders
  • Fleet make-up
  • Fuel costs
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO)

Analyze fleet performance

Effortlessly analyze the performance of your entire fleet using flexible dashboards that can be personalised to match your businesses key targets and KPIs.

Best practice built-in

FleetWave contains all the fleet management reports you will need to manage your fleet, built-in as standard.

Customize your reports

Provide insight into the specific needs of your fleet using custom-built reports and KPIs. Or personalize existing ones!

Measure costs and utilization

Gain insight into the ownership and operating costs of your fleet, including the utilization of your assets.

Customize your reports, charts & KPIs

Generate filtered table views of complex data to build reports

Quickly create new lists, charts and KPIs with our KPI Wizard

Use rules to create automated alerts and reminders

The right reports for the right users

Give your team the information they need with unique user permissions.

  • User permissions – define user visibility by assigning keywords and user groups to reports in FleetWave.
  • Management reporting – your senior team can access an exclusive dashboard containing management reports and business-critical information.
  • Filter reports – filter your dashboard report by country, cost-centre, department, depot and more.

Award winning software

Ready to improve your fleet reporting?

If you’re ready to learn more about smarter fleet management, let us know and one of our sales development representatives will be in touch!

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