Looking to improve your fleet performance?
Our fleet solutions can help!

If you are involved in the running of your organization’s fleet, we offer
flexible fleet management solutions, systems and services to make your responsibilities much easier to manage.

young fleet asset manager in showroom standing next to vehicle

For Fleet & Asset Managers

Complete visibility of your vehicles, assets, drivers information, equipment utilization and more

fleet maintenance manager and a technician inspecting a vehicle

For Maintenance Managers

Improve productivity of your team with comprehensive vehicle maintenance, workshop scheduling, automated parts ordering and more

fleet manager with a pen

For Procurement & Finance

Effective control and management of purchasing, invoicing, billing routines, expenses and more

fleet management software on tablet

For Data & Business Analysts

Compare trends and create customized reporting to enable real-time scrutiny of data

fleet manager with team in background

For Human Resource

Enforce fleet policies, compliance and safety for your workforce while driving productivity and policy

fleet data analyst

For IT/System Managers

Intelligently integrate your business systems and fleet data into one centralized database