New York State Police improves efficiency and responsiveness

Chevin FleetWave is enhancing fleet management processes and accessibility, and improving data visibility

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Responsible for the provision, maintenance and management of 4,900 vehicles across 160 locations, the Fleet Management Section of the New York State Police (NYSP) has a challenging role to play in helping keep officers mobile and on the road.

NYSP’s fleet operations are supported by nine regional maintenance facilities and a primary shop facility in Albany, New York.

The need to manage processes

Relying on an outdated, 25 year old fleet data system, the NYSP Fleet Management Section was unable to manage its processes, policy oversight and compliance monitoring to optimum efficiency.

A system was needed to bring the disparate processes controlled within NYSP’s mainframe fleet system and their internal fleet messaging system (NYSPIN) together into a single, simple-to-use and easily accessible web-based solution.

How one solution stood out

Having researched the fleet management software market by attending industry trade shows and speaking with peers within the law enforcement sector, NYSP prepared a list of three information system providers- including Chevin Fleet Solutions.

Chevin stood out from the crowd with its enterprise-level ‘FleetWave’ fleet management software. This would enable NYSP to bring together all of its processes and information into a single, powerful web-based system. NYSP made the decision to go live with FleetWave in January 2009.

Speeding up communication and exchange of information

Today with FleetWave, the NYSP Fleet Management Section is managing preventive maintenance scheduling and user notifications, repairs, management and tracking of vehicle orders and transfers, vehicle preparation, upfitting and installation of electronic components, fuel tracking and analysis, bulk fuel management for ten sites across the State and integration of commercial fuel card transactions, and accident oversight and analysis.

Chevin’s FleetWave software, which is used by a number of emergency services, has enabled the Fleet Management Section to accomplish its goals of bringing together disparate processes. More importantly, it has allowed NYSP to improve accountability for vehicles and equipment.

Since being deployed, FleetWave has not only improved the speed of fleet management processes at NYSP but it has greatly enhanced system accessibility for users across the State, and has facilitate a higher level of data visibility. The Fleet Management Section has become considerably more responsive. This in turn has resulted in appreciable improvements to efficiency and accountability.

FleetWave provides the NYSP Fleet Management Section with maintenance management capabilities as well as comprehensive fleet oversight and reporting. The software also helps meet mandatory reporting requirements of three additional NYSP Sections and two external agencies, including the Office of General Services Insurance Bureau and the New York State Budget Division.

Emery Dergosits, Motor Equipment Manager of NYSP’s Fleet Management Section comments:

“Chevin’s software has made it easy to access important information about individual vehicles, allowing us to keep track of services and repairs, keeping drivers safe and vehicles operating at maximum efficiency. We can also track individual drivers and whole fleet mileage, enabling us to monitor costs as well as quickly and easily identify and rectify inconsistencies.

“Data input using FleetWave has become not just simple, but convenient. The user-friendly technology has allowed users to easily load information from their individual workstations and FleetWave gives us complete flexibility by permitting us to determine the systems and screens that best suit our fleet, right down to the minor details. In addition, the software gives us unlimited options, so we can continually update and enhance our systems to suit our changing requirements going forward.

“We’re thrilled with FleetWave and it has been great working with the people at Chevin. I don’t want them to go anywhere.”