Case study

State of Missouri - Customer Conference 2022

By Ellen Sowerby
23 February 2023

We spoke to Adam Wankum, Fleet Manager at State of Missouri about his experience at the Chevin Customer Conference 2022 and using FleetWave to manage a fleet of over 5,000 vehicles and assets!



The State of Missouri Office of Administration serves as the administrative and managerial arm of the Office of the Governor and coordinates the central management functions of state government. It performs vital functions necessary for the operation of state government, from centralized accounting, budgeting, information technology, and procurement services to maintenance of state buildings, management of personnel classification, and beyond.


How do you use FleetWave in your organisation?

Today is actually our 1 year anniversary of going live with FleetWave, and it’s definitely been a good experience. We use it for fleet management, so keeping track of all our state vehicles and so forth and its been a good system, its definitely made us more versatile, and provided more information and actually produced more accountability.


What were you looking to achieve from the User Conference?

This is my first time at one of your events. What it inspired me to do is to get to actually know the Chevin team, I came in on the tail end of the build at State of Missouri so i didn’t get to know anyone at the beginning of the project.

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