Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Office of Vehicle Management gains additional fleet insight

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Office of Vehicle Management (OVM) modified and added functionality to their Fleet Information Management System, to help manage their data in a centralized and streamlined format.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

FleetWave helped OVM gain expanded visibility into the State government fleet.

The Office of Vehicle Management (OVM) oversees the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Executive Branch fleet of light duty and passenger vehicles, used by state personnel to conduct state business. OVM provides comprehensive services that include:

Vehicle purchasing through Statewide Contracts
Receipt and inspection of all new light duty and passenger vehicles
Registrations, titles, and plates
Fuel card administration and management
Coordination of maintenance, repair, accident, and subrogation services
Driver accident reporting, monitoring, and follow-up
Fleet inventory and data system management
Vehicle redeployment or disposition management
Assisting department fleet managers
Compliance and auditing
Management of the 1-800-How Am I Driving program and other citizen complaints
Domicile review process and IRS reporting services
Management of federal reporting
Alternative fuel mandates

Upgrading the OVM fleet platform was critical to help the unit meet growing demand to generate robust data and provide additional transparency to the State Agencies to which OVM provides oversight and support. OVM needed to create an effective, more integrated system to manage all of the information related to its fleet and offer visibility to the Agencies that fall under its purview.

Web-based system; real-time access

OVM found the ideal solution in Chevin’s FleetWave software, a web-based Fleet Management System. The Agencies that OVM supports are extremely diverse and have fleet needs throughout the Commonwealth. FleetWave is capable of providing comprehensive, real-time access to all of the crucial fleet data from any location with a web connection

Using FleetWave, an authorized system user may view fleet data at any time. Using a web-based application is a key benefit to an organization with such wide-ranging responsibilities as the OVM. With FleetWave in place, OVM and its Agency partners have access to real-time information about assets maintained within the system. Chevin is confident that the newly upgraded system will provide Agencies with the real-time transparent vehicle data that they have been waiting for!