Award-Winning Asset Management Software

Complete lifecycle management of your
assets, equipment and vehicles

Store all your Asset Information in One Asset Management Software

Our Asset Management Software helps you manage the acquisition, procurement, allocation and disposal of assets and equipment – no matter whether they are purchased, leased, rented or employee-owned. You can easily input and effectively manage orders, then capture and store relevant information and documents (such as purchase and leasing contracts, photos, service and inspection intervals and technical specifications) in a centralised asset maintenance and management system, for quick and simple access.

FleetWave fleet asset management software on a smartphone, desktop monitor and tablet

What You Get from Award-Winning Asset Management Software

Reduce Asset Downtime

Ensure you have the right equipment, never miss a maintenance task, remove unused vehicles and reduce unscheduled downtime

Improve Productivity

Powerful reports help monitor your performance, utilisation and operational costs, allowing you to make effective decisions

Increase Asset Visibility

Gain complete visibility over the performance and costs of your fixed assets and equipment in a single, centralised system

Automate data sharing

Integrate with almost any third-party data provider, software application, web service, asset tracking software or internal system

Learn why DC Water chose our Asset Management Software

“We were able to look at valuable assets, managing those assets and then improving the way those assets were being used, acquired and disposed of in a timely fashion…”

– Tim Fitzgerald, Fleet Director, DC Water

Why Integrate Our Asset Management Software Into Your System

Improve Visibility & Streamline Processes

Using our easy-to-access web-based management solution, your entire operation can log-in and access a comprehensive range of asset management tools to make their jobs easier.

You gain more control of processes and better visibility of performance,  while eliminating your company’s reliance on paper documents and manual administration. 

Measure Performance

No matter whether you’re a fleet, maintenance, operations or asset manager, you can easily create and view analytics and actionable reports to make more informed and data driven decisions within your role.

The dashboard can be tailored to show relevant reports to individual users, job roles, departments and more.  While easy-to-interpret, graphical reports can be drilled down and interrogated as needed.

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Fully Integrated Solution

A wide range of helpful integrations are available with FleetWave, such as:

GPS & telematics – pull in odometers, driver behaviour, geolocation and more…
Accounting and finance providers – for easier accounting & tax management
Parts and service providers – for detailed visibility of all repairs and inventory

And more…

See Our Integrations

Explore Other Solutions

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Implement a more efficient repair & maintenance program to keep vehicles roadworthy and reduce downtime

Fleet Inventory Management System

Keep stock levels in check and parts available for when they are needed.

Fleet Driver Management Software

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