US Customer Conference 2023

By Ellen Sowerby
18 July 2023

This year marked our 8th Customer Conference in the US, held from the 12th – 14th June in the home of Jazz and Blues, Memphis, Tennessee.

There were over 50 attendees from 24 companies with a combined responsibility for over a quarter of a million vehicles in the room!

Educational Workshops

Our conference featured educational workshops, product demonstrations and breakout sessions presented by our team including:

  • Business Update
  • Product Roadmap
  • Future Model Scoping
  • New Features Masterclass
  • Report Building
  • FleetWave Technician App
  • Check Sheet Builder
  • NextGen MVP – The Future of FleetWave

We’ve been using Chevin since 2017 and even now, somebody like me who can customize the system, I can build reports, I can build screens. I learn stuff every time I come here about things that I didn’t even know it did. It’s very beneficial for anybody to come.

Ed Guelfi
Assistant Director of Fleet Operations, State of Connecticut

Our aim was to involve customers in helping to shape our product roadmap, so that we can continue to improve our systems and help customers gain the insight they need to take control of their assets and workforce with FleetWave.


Industry Insights

We gathered experts from the fleet industry to provide unique insights into the future of fleet management.

These thought-leadership sessions were incorporated to help customers develop their fleet strategy, enabling them to plan for tomorrow by knowing how to adapt and evolve with the latest technologies, legal requirements and regulations.


Wheels: ESG in Fleet – Electrification and Beyond

We hosted an industry speaker session by Maria Neve, VP Electrification and Sustainability Wheels and Senior VP NAFA Fleet Management Association. She is responsible for the internal and external strategies around Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and the state of the electric vehicle industry for the benefit of Wheels’ customers.

ESG makes business sense and fleet plays an important role in driving value. Doing good for your employees, customers, and the planet requires a holistic approach that hinges on understanding real sustainability, the quantitative targets and KPIs that show progress, and the qualitative strategies and actions that drive progress towards goals.


Beacon Mobility: Where we were, where we are now and how we got there with FleetWave

Beacon Mobility is a growing family of transportation companies currently operating 20 local brands in 23 states and have been using FleetWave since 2022 to manage over 12,000 vehicles.

Beacon Mobility hosted our first customer speaker slot, led by Margret Davis, Vice President of Fleet Management alongside colleagues Steve Rindshoj, FMIS Manager, and Fredery Martinez, Fleet Trainer. They have been part of the Beacon Fleet team responsible for implementing FleetWave and FleetWave Technician across the 70+ garages and 400 technicians, fleet team members and various operations partners.

During their presentation they shared their journey of implementing FleetWave, in particular our FleetWave Technician App to across the country, and the improvements in processes and efficiency that it has enabled.

We use Technician for over 300 technicians across our platform at the moment. We’re about to expand that to almost double that size. It’s increased our efficiency in the shop from paperwork orders to whiteboards on the wall to using technician in a tablet and keeping the technician at the vehicle rather than running all over the shop and filling out a paper check sheet on a clipboard. So it’s increased their efficiency 10 to 20% at least.

Steve Rindshoj
FMIS Manager, Beacon Mobility

Learn more about our industry speakers


Ask the Expert

This year we held our first in person ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions. These 30 minute 1-1 sessions were designed to help customers navigate and optimise our FleetWave platform and provide advice on reporting and customisation as well as making live changes to their systems.

Ask the Expert has definitely been a hot topic and very useful.

Justin Mahana
Southwest Gas


We kicked off the conference with a welcome evening which consisted of a buffet and networking at The Westin. Customers were provided with their name tags and directed to our event app which featured the conference agenda, venue information, staff bios, session details and attendee details to enable networking.

On Day 2 we spent the evening at the Beck&Call Rooftop, with a buffet, drinks as well as a live jazz and blues band and watched the sunset over the Mississippi River. We then headed to Memphis’s iconic Beale Street for some more live music and finished the evening listening to dueling pianos.

Networking with different customers and finding where they are on their journey is interesting, because I think we can learn a lot, but I think we can share a lot as well so that’s been most beneficial.

Girish Ranade
Washington Gas

Sustainable Welcome Packs

As an organisation we believe that creating a more sustainable world is essential for future generations to thrive and will continue to carry out environmentally responsible business practices.

We have implemented multiple environmental initiatives in recent years such as planting trees for customersgoing digital with our brochures and becoming a carbon neutral organisation!

Our conference welcome packs provided our customers with both purposeful and sustainable items to be used during the event. In partnership with BambuuBrush we provided reusable water bottles and coffee mugs, biodegradable toothbrushes and climate neutral dentatabs along with a plantable notebook and wheat straw pen!


Customer Feedback

The conference received a 4.71/5-star overall rating, from attendees responsible for some of the biggest fleets in the US across all industries!

I’ve loved meeting everybody, it was it was so wonderful to meet the team and also to meet a lot of users, you find out so much more information about how they use the system and how we might be able to incorporate some of that. If you have any desire to learn how to enhance your product, to enhance anything for your fleet, this is a must. You’ve got to come!

Emily Stoller
CEO, Glesby Marks

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