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Beacon Mobility - Customer Conference 2022

By Ellen Sowerby
16 February 2023

We spoke to Margret Davis, VP of Fleet Management at Beacon Mobility about her experience at the Chevin Customer Conference 2022 and using FleetWave to manage a fleet of over 12,000 vehicles and assets!



Beacon Mobility is a growing family of companies, who operate 20 brands in 23 states. Backed by nearly 70 years of experience, Beacon Mobility provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective mobility solutions to communities, school districts, special education programs, and regional transit authorities who count on their companies to get people where they need to go safely and on time.

Beacon Mobility have been using FleetWave since 2022, and are currently in the process of implementing the system at all of their brands across the US. They are also utilising our FleetWave Technician app, which allows technicians to quickly and easily manage maintenance tasks including workload, activity, stock management, compliance and more. It has already been rolled out across 70+ garages to over 400 technicians, fleet team members and various operations partners.


What were you looking to achieve from the User Conference?

‘This is my 4th Chevin conference and I was excited to get back in person and be able to network and meet new clients and existing clients.’


What did you enjoy most about the User Conference?

‘The breakout sessions were informative, it was great to see the engagement and the collaboration from all the clients new and old, and the genius bar has been a big hit.’


Are you excited about the product direction and future with Chevin?

‘Its very exciting, the NextGen product is exciting to see, and transitions of how Chevin has grown and the changes that have been made.’


How do you use FleetWave in your organisation?

‘In my current role we are implementing FleetWave for the first time, we are building it from the ground up. In the past I have used it at other companies that I’ve worked at. We use it for asset management, maintenance, total cost of ownership (TCO) and total fleet management.’


What do you like most about FleetWave?

‘Having a centralised database to collect all our data points from our 6 different companies within Beacon Mobility will be an advantage and allow us to really manage our fleet.’


How have you found working with the Chevin team?

‘Its been very good, they are very engaged, we have great support, our account management team has been very collaborative and we also work with some consultants from the Chevin side.’

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