Accident management software

Keep your fleet compliant and reduce downtime

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Keep your fleet on the road

Your fleet is at the heart of everything you do. Keep it moving with FleetWave’s accident management software.

From road risk policy to accident reporting and repair, we make sure you can keep your drivers safe on the roads.

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Reduce risk

Store important accident data including driver details, repair quotations, photos for insurance claims and easily allocate detailed repair work to job cards. You can also log communication with third parties, accident management agencies or the police, giving you a clear view of every incident.

Report on accidents & identify risk

Keeping ahead of risks shouldn’t be complicated.

With FleetWave’s innovative system you can quickly and thoroughly report accidents, making it simple to identify risks.

With all accident data in one place, get instant visibility of repairs and downtime  to ensure your  assets are up and running again quickly and safely.

Easily report accidents

Report accidents quickly with our mobile app or directly through the system, attaching details such as geolocations and photos.

Reduce road risk

Create and manage road risk policy to keep your drivers safe and records up to date.

Track accident status

Keep on top of your accident management, from an incident being raised right through to repair and resolution.

Keep an auditable trail

Store detailed accident data safely in one place and keep track of historical incident information.

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For more information and a full list of features, take a look at our brochure.

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Report from the field

Report accidents as they happen

Collect information from the field

Send information to the FleetWave system

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Track the status of accidents

Stay informed with automated notifications. Our system allows you to easily monitor the status of all accidents and gives you regular updates on the progress of each case.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How does fleet accident management software reduce downtime?

    The software lets you track the servicing and repair history of your fleet vehicles, assets and equipment.

    It also allows you to plan repairs and routine maintenance ahead of time, giving your team full visibility of the schedule. As a result, you can schedule the rotation of your vehicles or equipment while some are temporarily unavailable. This effectively keeps your operations going without unexpected interruptions.

  • Is vehicle accident management software a cost-effective solution?

    The software lets you prepare purchase orders for vehicle and equipment parts without a hitch. It also keeps track of warranties that could help you minimise repair and maintenance costs. You can use it to store vehicle-related records, too, so you can address each one’s concerns before it escalates.

    Overall, the software contributes to lower operational costs.

  • How do I report accidents from the field using the accident management software?

    The software is available on any mobile device. Members of your team can easily report accidents directly from the field. They can install the software on their mobile device to capture and process relevant data like accident time, photos and details of any damages and possible reasons for the incident.

    The accident management software also records third-party details that can support your claims and risk management solutions.

  • How do I track the status of accidents through the accident management system?

    The vehicle accident management software provides full visibility of every road accident reported by your team members. You can pull up the software on any computer or mobile device to track and review the status of any accident within your organisation.

    The software also gives you the option of receiving notifications on the progression of each road accident, from the initial report to vehicle repair completion.

  • In what other ways can it improve fleet management system for my business?

    There’s more to the software than reporting accidents and tracking maintenance services for your fleet. It suggests actionable information that increases operational efficiency. You can identify the most common risks and causes, then address them in future driver training sessions.

    This foresight boosts the safety and efficiency of your team in the long run.

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