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Hinkler Park Plantations use FleetWave to streamline fleet maintenance

By Ellen Sowerby
25 January 2023

We have been working with Hinkler Park since 2019 when they first implemented FleetWave to manage over 1,800 vehicles and assets.

We interviewed Joydee Caton, Fleet Manager at Hinkler Park Plantations to find out how FleetWave has enabled them to streamline processes and switch to mobile and paperless fleet maintenance with our FleetWave Driver app.

We have quite a varied fleet and every part of it has a purpose both within the company and in nut production. FleetWave is a good system, it’s very adaptable and user friendly. We’re getting a lot of value out of it.

Joydee Caton
Fleet Manager

Hinkler Park Plantation is a macadamia farm based in Queensland, Australia who produce macadamia nuts from tree growth right through to production. Their fleet is made up of a range of assets including loaders, graders, harvesters, tractors and more.

Challenges of running a farming fleet

The challenges that Hinkler Park Plantations face in their industry are primarily focused around budgeting and pre-planning.

The work on the plantation is seasonal. The spring season is focused on the groundwork where tractors and sprayers and required for mulching and blowing, then there is a period of harvesting and in the off-season Hinkler Park work on the preventative maintenance of their fleet.

Joydee states: ‘With a lot of the work being seasonal, it’s very fast paced in the moment and then it sort of slows down before moving into the next critical element. Budgeting for that can be difficult because you don’t really know what major repairs are required until the end of season when you have the downtime to fully assess the machinery.  There’s also the whole development side of our company where we’re continually developing new land throughout the entire year.  So having machinery that is on high demand and then not utilised until next season, and then having other machinery operating continually all year round are some of the challenges we face with managing our fleet.  FleetWave gives us the ability to monitor them according to their use.’

 However, Hinkler Park are utilising FleetWave to ensure that they are ahead of the game ready for the next season.

Having that digital data and being able to access it out in the field has been key for us.

Joydee Caton
Fleet Manager

Streamlining Fleet Maintenance

Hinkler Park use our FleetWave Driver app daily. Its intuitive interface helps to speed up and regulate your driver admin from anywhere, meaning you can bridge the gap between drivers and the office, ensure compliance and reduce costs.

The FleetWave driver mobile app has been a useful feature for us to have. When staff go into a shop they need VIN numbers and engine numbers for parts and just having that information right there in their hands has certainly made our lives a lot easier. They’re no longer calling through to me all the time or wasting time looking on the machine for that information.

Joydee Caton
Fleet Manager

FleetWave Driver has also enabled Hinkler Park to go paperless with their fleet maintenance.

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