San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department drives fleet management with FleetWave

The south Californian law enforcement agency adopts FleetWave to manage 2,200 vehicles and 16,000 assets.

We are pleased to announce that the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is implementing our FleetWave software.

With plans to use our web-based software to manage entire vehicle lifecycles, San Bernardino is the second public sector fleet to make its purchase through Chevin’s exclusive four-year contract with Sourcewell (formerly the National Joint Powers Alliance).

Once implemented, FleetWave will be used to manage a fleet of 2,200 vehicles and 16,000 pieces of Quartermaster equipment, including light bars, cages used in patrol cars and weapons. For almost three decades the department used a homegrown system, however, it did not offer the capabilities or data structure needed to establish and implement best practices across its large-scale operation.

Our solution will allow the operation to drive existing processes forwards with the next level of fleet and equipment management, and its bespoke nature will allow the law enforcement agency to save considerable time and money by eliminating unnecessary data inputs and focusing more on individual needs. FleetWave will, for example, be used to manage fuel usage and purchasing, along with tracking and managing preventative maintenance using customized work orders.

Bill Griffiths, VP of Global Consulting & Client Services at Chevin, said:

“The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department fleet operation is among one of many new emergency service providers across North America that are adopting FleetWave.

“As they fully implement our software, they will benefit from having access to management tools that help to lower costs and improve productivity in vehicle, equipment and maintenance operations.”