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Fleet Management Software for Construction

By Gary Thomas
15 April 2022

Understanding Fleet Management Software and its Benefits for Construction

Managing a fleet of expensive assets is a challenge in itself, with or without a large-scale construction business to look after. This is where reliable fleet management services software comes in handy.



As the name suggests, this software program helps you stay on top of the most important details about your fleet in real-time. With fleet management software, you can run your construction business with one less worry.

There are several compelling reasons to invest in fleet management software, especially if running a construction business. Here are the most notable ones:


Streamline Management

With fleet management programme, you can receive reports about your vehicles’ maintenance schedules, fuel consumption, routes, and other information. You can use this data to improve the way you use your assets.

Seeing a pattern of heavy traffic in one particular route, for example, can help you decide to find better paths or switch schedules.

Another example is when your data tells you one of the vehicles has not been brought in for service for a long time. Doing preventative maintenance on that asset will save you from avoidable downtime down the road.

The quality that contributes the most to efficiency is the fact that you can access this software from several devices and that you will always be confident the information is up to date.


Stay Compliant

Working in the construction industry means dealing with many regulations and government mandates. These include rules surrounding the transport of dangerous materials and heavy equipment.

A fleet management application can ensure you always have the proper documentation and licences for all your vehicles or machinery. You can also use the built-in reminder features to make sure you never miss key commitments and events.

Some programs, like ours, also provide features to keep accurate track of accidents and road mishaps. This information is essential for legal and insurance claims.

HR features are also present in the software to let you monitor relevant employee training and qualifications.


Lower Costs

The efficiency benefit is also associated with cost savings. Staying on top of vehicle maintenance, for example, will help you avoid costly repairs and downtime.

The information in fleet management software reports can also help you make cost-effective decisions. An in-depth fuel consumption tracking report, for example, can help you find savings potentials in more efficient driving and idling situations.


Keep People and Assets Safe

GPS tracking keeps you informed and updated on the location of all your assets at all times. Having visibility lets you keep your vehicles, loads, and personnel safe even when they drive through the night or along risky routes.

The fleet software will also provide you with driving data. It sends alerts when dangerous driving habits are detected. You can potentially prevent accidents involving your fleet and ensure that all the trips reach their destination.


Which Vehicle Fleet Management Software Is for You?

There are several fleet management software options in the market, but looking at integration and reliability will help you decide.

  • Integration – Find the application that can easily integrate with third-party data providers, asset tracking software, applications, web services and internal systems.
  • Reliability – Some programs look good on paper but cannot deliver all their features reliably. Find one that does.

If you are looking for the right fleet management software for your construction business, we have what you need.

Fill out the form on our contact page, and let’s discuss your assets and fleet management requirements.

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