FleetWave User Update – January 2017

We’ve released some new FleetWave enhancements this month – helping shape your software to meet your needs.

Here are a few of the latest core developments available now to all FleetWave users:


Information can now be linked to column cells.

Previously seen on features such as VEHICLE_ID_FW and DRIVER_NAME_FW, this new enhancement allows users to click a link on column cells in order to view further information in a pop-up window.

fleetwave information

For example,

On Vehicle browse, cells in the ‘supplier’ column can be clicked to show more details pertaining to suppliers
On Defect browse, cells in the ‘job number’ column can be clicked to show associated work orders

System administrators can add these links to any designable screen that features columns with a linked table (i.e., where the field is defined as a key field in the table schema and used within respective table schema standards as a joining foreign key).

FleetWave administration

Where a field is defined as ‘column’, changing it to ‘Column with popup link’ or ‘Description with popup link’ will link the data held within that key field column to the data record within the linked database.

fleet information data

The code or description shown in the cell is then ‘clickable’ as a means to open the linked data record and directly view the associated information – helping users view information more quickly and easily.


Support your company branding with a homepage logo.

A new INI code has been added enabling you to add a logo image to the top left-hand side of your FleetWave homepage.

fleet management system

There are just two steps involved to support this functionality:

1. Click options >> utilities >> install tools >> upload images. Upload the image you want to be featured, taking note of the exact file name.

2. Navigate to the INI code table and enter code FW:TOP_LOGO. Then, write the exact file name of the image you’ve just uploaded. (E.g., “ourcompanylogo.jpg”).

The image should be visible after you refresh the top menu.


Finally.. Check out the latest Academy updates

The Chevin project management team has recently compiled two new training videos on the Chevin Academy.

These two videos have been designed for new FleetWave users to help them learn how to get the most out of your software.

Management Reporting - User Features

1. Management Reporting – User Features. This video focuses on user level features – that is, FleetWave features available to all system users. The tutorial includes tips such as how to manually navigate between tabs; close and open KPI displays; email, export and print charts and reports; and amend KPIs as per user permission levels.

2. Management Reporting – Management Mode. This video is designed to explain management mode features available to report administrators.The tutorial includes tips such as how to set a user’s permission level to ‘administrator’ and how to make report tabs and KPI reports visible/invisible to non-administrator users. This tutorial also explains how to activate automated tab switching, whereby the system will navigate automatically through tabs at specified time periods. This feature can be particularly useful when viewing the management reporting feature on large office screens as it allows staff to have easy access and visibility over real-time reports.

These latest uploads are available on the Chevin Academy in the location: FleetWave >> Reporting >> Management Reporting.

FleetWave Training