We’ve created further FleetWave enhancements and training videos this month, to help you get the most out of your software.

Here are a few of the latest resources available now to all FleetWave users:

New training videos available on the Chevin Academy

Head to the Chevin Academy for three brand new training videos:

allocate vehicle to driver

The reallocate tool in FleetWave is a valuable tool that allows users to allocate a vehicle to a driver, location, cost centre or depot – a process that, among other things, can help ensure thorough visibility and control over vehicle utilization and usage. Our first Chevin Academy video released this month is designed to walk users through the process of allocating vehicles to drivers using this tool.

allocate vehicles tool

Among other things, the video also shows how to mark odometer readings against the allocated driver, to help ensure mileages are correctly logged and help support future audit trails. Find out more in the tutorial at Chevin Academy : Table of contents : Videos : FleetWave : Tools : The Re-allocate Tool : How to allocate a vehicle to a driver.

table schema settings

One of the great benefits of FleetWave is the extensive number of ways that the system can be adapted to help you create reports more quickly, with less administration. Did you know, for example, there’s a small feature that can have a big effect in speeding up processing time by allowing you to ensure preferred ‘sort’ and ‘filter’ criteria are applied immediately?

arrange fleet data

In other words, if you have one ‘filter’ or ‘sort’ criteria that you often find yourself using in the database browse table, you can change the table’s default scheme settings to ensure that this criteria is automatically applied from the moment you enter the database. It means you can automatically ensure that the table contents are always sorted by your preferred configuration in the first instance, rather than having to manually apply the rule every time.

Find out more in the tutorial available now at Chevin Academy : Table of contents : Videos : FleetWave : Configuration & Utilities : Table Schema : Browse Table Default Schema Settings.

restrict management access

FleetWave is truly enterprise-level in that it can be used across parts of a business to manage all types of assets, information and processes from fuel purchasing to parts ordering and invoicing. It’s not unusual for our customers to provide access to FleetWave via different departments or different levels of management – and if that’s the case for your organisation, you may wish for access levels to be restricted according to job statuses and responsibilities.

The third Academy video released this month focuses on how to achieve just this by specifying a required privilege or access level, or keyword in relation to the management reporting module. The video is titled ‘How to control user permissions for the management reporting tool’ and can be located at Chevin Academy : Table of contents : Videos : FleetWave : Reporting : Management Reporting : User Permissions.

And finally.. don’t miss the following new FleetWave enhancement:

Query Builder can now report on ALL record statuses

The latest enhancement of FleetWave sees an update to the Query Builder to include enhanced data retrieval options that enable reporting on ALL record statuses. This enhancement means that data from all record statuses can now be pulled into reports that are generated using the Query Builder. The reportable statuses extend to preprocess, orphaned and even deleted items, whereas previously only live and archived record statuses were available.

The benefit of this enhancement is that it allows you to report on data regardless of status – helping to show a complete picture of what’s happening in your fleet.