FleetWave Sets the Stage for Technician Retention Success

Fleet and maintenance management software is increasingly being used to help address the ongoing need for technicians.


At Chevin, we are experiencing steady growth in the adoption of its products – and this trend has been attributed in part to its technician workforce management and job planning benefits.

According to Ron Katz, senior vice president, North American Sales at Chevin:

“Chevin Fleet Solutions had a very strong year of growth. Clients are finding our asset management software to be easy and cost-effective to operate. They are also reporting that the software’s shop management capabilities are increasingly valuable for technician job satisfaction, especially when it comes to workforce management and job planning capabilities.

“As fleets face challenges with an aging technician workforce, as well as the need to offer training and additional benefits, providing access to web-based applications such as FleetWave is increasingly helpful.”

Chevin’s software has helps to improve scheduling, boost productivity and increase staff retention in a number of ways, Katz explained:

Streamlining maintenance scheduling helps ensure fully-utilized shop facilities.
 Easy integration of data enables quick measurement of technician productivity – helping analyze training needs and ensure optimum job scheduling by skillset.
 Mobile capabilities are attractive to younger, tech-savvy technicians entering the field.

According to Chevin’s client the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority, the system has provided complete visibility into its policies and processes – as fleet director Timothy Fitzgerald explains:

“As a tool to monitor and manage technician abilities it has allowed us to reduce turnaround times by 30% and downtime by 20%, and it’s increased our technician productivity by 10%.

“If you’re looking to improve effectiveness and efficiency, asset information and management software can be very helpful in developing people by identifying training needs and setting career goals for technicians.”

At Louisville Metro County Government, Chevin is used to help schedule maintenance and ensure high levels of shop and technician productivity, says Matt Maskey, assistant director – fleet services:

“FleetWave provides accurate measures of productivity. It enables us to use our technicians more effectively based on their skills and determine their training needs. Also, as some of our long term maintenance employees retire and we recruit younger technicians from dealerships and technical schools in the area, we find they are interested in working in an operation that has the latest web-based and mobile electronic information systems.”

Ron Katz explains:

“The technician shortage that is so prevalent in the North American trucking market is also impacting public, utility, corporate and non-governmental fleets. At a recent National Conference of State Fleet Administrators workshop, finding technicians was identified as one of the biggest challenges for fleets in the public sector, and we’re hearing the same thing in other markets we serve as well. The growth in FleetWave users across all of these industry sectors is a clear indication that Chevin Fleet Solutions can offer fleets an effective means of addressing their technician recruiting and retention needs.”