Reduce costs & fleet admin, ensure compliance & improve efficiency with our logistics & transport management software

Keep your fleet moving

Your assets are a vital part of your business but keeping them compliant and managing the costs can be overwhelming. And time-consuming paperwork and inadequate software often make the job even harder.

Using FleetWave, you can turn complex data into meaningful, easily-to-interpret reports.

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Stay on track

Our smart software solutions store all of your operational insight in one easy to access location, granting full visibility of your fleet and applying clever automation to keep things running smoothly.

Ensure compliance

Easily stay on top of regulatory requirements for your drivers and assets. Our smart fleet management solutions give you a full range of tools that allow you to:

  • Make sure driver licenses are always correct and in date with automated reminders
  • Keep up to date with legal compliance using securely stored certifications, training information and insurance details
  • Never forget a maintenance event again with automated alerts for services, inspections and more

Defeat downtime

Keep your vehicles on the road. Never miss a maintenance task and reduce unscheduled penalties with automated email and text reminders.

Integrate easily

Seamlessly integrate your FleetWave system with third-party applications, including GPS and telematics systems, fuel cards and fueling systems.

Manage fines

Don’t get caught out by fines and tolls. Secure total visibility over all parking, toll and other driver-related penalties with our reports dashboard.

The FleetWave brochure

For more information and a full list of features, take a look at our brochure.

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Admin made easy

Manage your entire fleet from one easy-to-use database with clever automation, alerts and reminders.

Eliminate the need for paper forms with our mobile app, FleetWave Driver. It enables you to:

  • Conduct daily vehicle inspections
  • Record mileage, odometer readings and other journey details
  • Capture insurance details, photos and more in the case of an accident
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Who uses our software?

Some of the largest transport providers use our software solutions, including:

Blog: Leveraging Fleet Management Software for Optimal Solutions

In today’s dynamic transport industry, staying ahead of challenges is key to maintaining efficiency and competitiveness. From rising fuel costs to complex logistics, businesses face a myriad of obstacles. However, with the right tools and strategies, these challenges can be overcome. Enter fleet management software – a powerful solution revolutionizing the way transportation companies operate.

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Ready to improve your fleet management?

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