Waste management

Keep a close eye on your assets, from refuse vehicles to road sweepers and streamline processes

Streamline your waste management processes

Operating a fleet of specialised assets is no easy task.

From refuse vehicles to vacuum tankers and road sweepers, it’s important to keep a close eye on all your assets.

Our multi-award-winning solutions help to secure real-time visibility over your entire portfolio and control every aspect of your operation with ease.

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Stay in control with smarter management tools

Capture and interpret data, utilise assets and see opportunities to reduce costs with FleetWave’s KPI tracking and automated dashboard notifications. Our system can be easily tailored to suit your specific needs, whether that includes pulling in data from external applications, creating task planners or specifying different user access levels.

Minimise downtime

When your organisation is a vital part of the country’s infrastructure, it’s important that your assets are always available.

Using FleetWave, it’s possible to automate reminders so that you never miss a maintenance or service task. Alerts can be colour-coded, too!

You can also conduct inspections and register defects through our mobile forms app or directly via FleetWave. Supporting documents and descriptions can be added as well, meaning you can raise any issues quickly to ensure maximum uptime.

Go paperless

Take your inspections out into the field with our mobile apps. FleetWave Driver and FleetWave Technician give your workforce the freedom to conduct inspections wherever they are.

Report defects

Easily report vehicle defects with detailed descriptions and photos, or register defects on the go with our mobile app.

Integrate seamlessly

Improve performance and reduce operating costs with effortless integrations. Our software connects directly with apps, systems, and service providers.

Stay compliant

Keep on top of regulated mandates and improve your maintenance processes with FleetWave. Our innovative software allows you to:

  • Store documentation to prove workers have correct, up-to-date licences
  • Ensure your drivers have all the latest training with data from stored training and experience information
  • Stay on top of important diary events such as inspections and services with automated reminders
  • Easily create KPIs on your dashboard to keep you informed
  • Record and profile accidents in the field with our FleetWave Driver app

Who uses our software?

Some of the largest waste management companies use FleetWave, including:


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